Dr. Aleem Kanji: Endocrinologist in Houston, TX

Restoring the patient-doctor relationship.

Endocrine disorders like diabetes, obesity, and thyroid disease disrupt a person’s life.
Without attention and time for treatment, endocrine disorders become destructive.
Stop the damage from becoming irreversible.
Ethos Endocrinology offers time, care, and direct access to guide you in your journey to health.

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The Ethos Difference

Ethos Endocrinology restores the sacred bond of the patient-doctor relationship. We do that by employing a direct care model:

Ethos Endocrinology (direct care practice) Most traditional endocrinology practices
Cost per visit Free with membership Depends on insurance plan, deductible, copay, etc.
Self-schedule appointment online Yes, at your convenience Uncommon
Average wait time for new appointment 1 day 37 days1
Average time in waiting room 1 minute 13 – 34 minutes2
Average time with your doctor 30 – 60 minutes 17.4 minutes3
After-hours urgent matters Direct access to Dr. Kanji Phone tree or answering service
After-hours doctor Dr. Kanji – Always On-call doctor
Cost of blood tests Available for wholesale price (up to 90% cheaper) Depends on insurance plan, deductible, etc.

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