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After completing his residency and fellowship training at the highly-ranked Baylor College of Medicine in the Texas Medical Center, Dr. Kanji designed a health care experience to restore the patient-doctor relationship. How?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an endocrinologist?

An endocrinologist is a physician (medical doctor) that diagnoses and treats disorders of glands and the hormones they produce. These disorders are due to a hormonal imbalance (too much or too little) or an abnormal gland. An endocrinologist works with adults or children. Pediatric endocrinologists treat children.

What does an endocrinologist diagnose and/or treat?

The endocrine system includes glands with complex functions affecting the entire body. The glands or organs and associated conditions include:

  • Pancreas

    An endocrine and exocrine organ behind the stomach. The exocrine part makes digestive enzymes. The endocrine part produces several hormones. The most common disease of the endocrine pancreas is diabetes mellitus.

  • Thyroid

    A butterfly-shaped gland in the front of the neck. It produces the hormones T4 and (to a lesser extent) T3. Thyroid hormone affects nearly every organ in the body. Disorders of the thyroid gland include causes of a low thyroid level (hypothyroidism) and high thyroid level (hyperthyroidism). The most common cause of hypothyroidism is Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.Causes of hyperthyroidism include Graves’ disease, toxic multinodular goiter, and toxic adenoma. Endocrinologists also diagnose and manage thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer.

  • Ovaries and testes

    Female and male reproductive glands that produce estrogen and testosterone, respectively. Diseases of the female reproductive system include polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), amenorrhea, and bothersome symptoms of menopause. Hypogonadism (low testosterone) is a disorder of the male reproductive gland evaluated and treated by an endocrinologist.

  • Bone

    An organ recognized for providing the body’s skeletal structure. Bone is continuously remodeling and stores critical molecules such as calcium and phosphate. The most common disease of bone treated by an endocrinologist is osteoporosis.

  • Adrenals

    2 pyramid or crescent-shaped glands. One sitting above each kidney. They produce steroid hormones critical for life, such as cortisol and aldosterone. Disorders of the adrenal glands include abnormal levels of the above steroid hormones. Examples include too little cortisol (adrenal insufficiency), too much cortisol (Cushing syndrome), and too much aldosterone (hyperaldosteronism). CT and MRI scans sometimes reveal incidental adrenal masses. These masses, referred to as adrenal incidentalomas, require a thorough evaluation by an endocrinologist.

  • Pituitary

    A pea-sized gland at the base of the brain. Produces hormones that control other endocrine glands, such as the thyroid, adrenal, testes, and ovaries. Diseases of the pituitary gland include pituitary adenoma, prolactinoma, Cushing disease, acromegaly, and hypopituitarism.

  • Parathyroids

    4 small glands neighboring the thyroid gland (hence the name parathyroid). Produce parathyroid hormone (PTH). PTH controls the calcium level in the blood and affects the remodeling of our bones. Diseases of the parathyroid glands include primary hyperparathyroidism (too much PTH) and hypoparathyroidism (not enough PTH).

Why choose Dr. Kanji as your endocrine specialist?

As your endocrine specialist, Dr. Kanji creates your customized plan with you by listening to your needs and concerns. Access Dr. Kanji between visits for quick changes. The time, care, and access you receive is affordable.

What areas does Ethos Endocrinology serve?

We serve All of Houston, Alief, Alvin, Anahuac, Angleton, Bacliff, Barker, Baytown, Beasley, Bellaire, Bellville, Bleiblerville, Brazoria, Brookshire, Bunker Hill Village, Cat Spring, Channelview, Clear Lake City, Clear Lake Shores, Cleveland, Clute, Conroe, Crosby, Cypress, Daisetta, Damon, Danbury, Danciger, Dayton, Deer Park, Devers, Dickinson, Dobbin, Freeport, Fresno, Friendswood, Fulshear, Galena Park, Galvestion, Gilchrist, Guy, Hankamer, Hardin, Hempstead, High Island, Highlands, Hitchcock, Hockley, Huffman, Hufsmith, Hull, Humble, Hunters Creek Village, Industry, Katy, Kemah, Kendleton, Kenney, Kingwood, Lake Jackson, La Marque, La Porte, League City, Liberty, Liverpool, Magnolia, Manvel, Missouri City, Mont Belvieu, Montgomery, Needville, New Caney, New Ulm, North Houston, Oak Ridge North, Old Ocean, Orchard, Pasadena, Pattison, Pearland, Pinehurst, Piney Point Village, Port Bolivar, Porter, Prairie View, Raywood, Richmond, Romayor, Rosenberg, Rosharon, Rye, San Felipe, Sante Fe, Seabrook, Sealy, Simonton, South Houston, Splendora, Spring, Stafford, Stowell, Sugar Land, Sweeny, Texas City, The Woodlands, Thompsons, Tomball, Waller, Wallis, Wallisville, Webster, West Columbia, West University Place, Willis, Winnie